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Our Story

Dangerous Minds are a second year team of 8, Year 11 Students that was founded by our team captain, Gemma. 


Success to us doesn’t just mean winning at competition, it means working together to build a robot that we are proud of, developing and growing personal skills that help us recognise different personalities and ideas and how they come together to form a team. 

We are a students led team, which simply put means that the team was started by Gemma, not a school or an organization and team members are not all from the same school.  All team activities are run outside of normal school hours, balanced between schoolwork/homework and other extracurricular activities.


As team members, we set what is expected as a level of commitment, not a minimum number of hours and welcome everyone’s contribution.


All team management is handled by team members along with all communication, outreach and tournament registrations.


The team decides and handles everything with the guidance of coaches and mentors if and when necessary. We also decide on every aspect of how the team operates, including things like robot design, game strategy and outreach.


The name Dangerous Minds was inspired by the movie and the messages and meaning behind it. LuAnne Johnson, a teacher whom the movie is based on has said that her philosophy for teaching students is “when students believe success is possible, they will try”.

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