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Dangerous Minds



Dangerous Minds competes in a competition called FIRST, in the division of FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) which is an international robotics competition that aims to build a skill ready future technical workforce along with other soft skills such as documenting, collaboration skills, planning/budgeting, designing and teamwork. 

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Showcasing STEM

Dangerous Minds are experienced hosts of STEM events including exhibitions, fundraisers and workshops that aim to expand on student interests and to encourage them to pursue careers in STEM fields by linking what they learn today with how it is being applied in the industry.

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Robot in action

We love to share our passion for STEM and robotics with...well anyone that is interested really! So why not have us demonstrate our robot at your school/office to inspire and help encourage students to participate in FIRST and pursue careers in STEM. Teams are always looking for mentors and sponsors as well!

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