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Free Robotics Workshop

Workshop Details



5 Weekly sessions running every Thursday from:

27 Feb through to 26 Mar 2020



5:00 – 8pm



Kingston Arts Centre

Nepean Hwy Moorabbin

Apply Now!

Apply to our first round of foundation robotics workshops now before places fill up! 

In the Foundation Robotics Workshop students will learn skills in coding, building, CAD and teamwork! The workshops are for student in years 8-10 and is suitable for all skill levels. 

The different aspects of the workshops include: 


In this workshop students will work in teams to build a remote-controlled robot from a pre-made design. The base will be created using Tetrix Max parts and will be powered and controlled using Tetrix Torquenado motors and the Rev Expansion hub. Students will learn how to build the robot, connect motors and the hub.


During the programming workshops, students will learn how to document their code effectively, and gain an understanding in OnbotJava, a language that can be used to write code for robots, such as those used in First Tech Challenge. They will also learn how to use the basic syntax, maths and variables as well as important key words and data types. Our team members will help students learn to write various methods and loops used in OnbotJava and assist them in testing and problem solving any errors in their programs. Students will also learn to use Github to backup and save all programs that they write, creating a database that helps prevent loss of data.


Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computers to aid in the design and analysis of a part or mechanism.  Students will learn how to create parts from scratch and then assemble them to create a mechanism.  The design and assembly of parts will be done using a program called Fusion 360.  Students will learn how to sketch, extrude, join, import and much more!


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